Life Style

Life Style Guidelines

Diet plan & life style management fee - Rs. 500/-

  • Sip 3-4 glasses of warm water or a glass of any herbal water every morning
  • Focus on keeping your body weight in check followed by walk, gym, yoga, swimming, aerobics or any such fitness program for a minimum of five days a week.
  • Do not overeat rather go for small meals at regular intervals
  • Opt for oil free, sugar free, less sodium and fat free diet
  • Say a complete no to smoking, liquor, regular tea or coffee and other caffeinated drinks
  • Expose yourself for limited hours in sun heat every day to manage the deficiency of vitamin D.
  • Make visit to your family doctor for regular health check-up every six months. Do not ignore any symptoms of physiological disorder.
  • Be aware of dental care for both adults and children as well. See the dentist at regular intervals to avoid early symptoms of tooth decay.
  • Try natural health remedies for common health reasons and avoid harsh drugs unless needed on urgent basis
  • Prefer vegetarian meals rather than going for non-vegetarian ones which are not easily digestible in most cases
  • Remain busy to keep away of negative thoughts. Take out some time for other activities like reading, painting, writing, creative art, dancing, listening to good music, chanting prayers, meditation, cooking variety food, etc
  • Do not take long sittings. Change your posture at regular intervals and walk around for few mins
  • Take an afternoon nap of not more than 10mins and go for 30 mins walk after dinner time to ease your digestion
  • Fix your lunch time between 12pm-1pm and dinner 7pm-8pm to keep healthy.
  • Sit in Vajra asana after meals to ease digestion
  • Socialise and share thoughts with your dear ones to remain free on mind and do not carry worries with yourself every time. Worries and tension badly affects physical as well as mental health.
  • Unwanted gossiping leads to disturbance in one’s personal life so avoid such engagements.
  • Do not spend more time on television, pc, laptops, mobiles and other gadgets those extra hours may be enjoyed as family time interacting with each other.
  • Punctuality leads to a disciplined and healthy life. Always try to remain punctual in your daily routine
  • Sip 3-4 litres of water every day to flush out toxins in your body
  • Hygiene and health remains packed in homemade food. Eating outside food leads to colic disorders and several other health issues therefore restrict such meals.
  • Always remain positive in your thoughts and be competitive not comparative.
  • Sleep on your left side. It is supposed to be the right posture for health reasons. Make a habit of meditating before sleep as it helps your body calm down and one can go in deep sleep within minutes.